Earth’s Mightiest Movie! Avengers Assemble!

Like $200.3 million dollars worth of other theatre-goers on May the 4th be with you weekend, I too saw the Avengers movie (not once, but twice) and I loved every single minute of it – both times! Now first off, I am 100% biased. I am a colossal comic book nerd, and have loved the Avengers ever since the Vision and Hawkeye decided to branch out and created the West Coast team in 1984. In the near 30 years that I have been collecting the Avengers, I have watched them endure not one, but two Secret Wars – combat and banish Kang to limbo several times – rise up and conquer after a devastating and demoralizing initial defeat at the hands of Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil – an Inferno – Atlantis Attacking – Acts of Vengenance – Onslaught – Heroes Reborn – Heroes Return – Ultron – finding their significance after 9/11 – Avengers Disassembled – New Avengers – Ultimate Avengers – Civil War – and so on…but I have never been more wowed by this franchise as I was by this movie.
Thank you Joss Whedon!
Thank you for being the kind of writer and director that is not ashamed to be working in this genre(like Joel Shumacher and his abhorrent take on Batman in the 1990’s). Thank you for not taking things too seriously (ala M. Night Shyamalan and Unbreakable), or yourself too seriously (like Christopher Nolan’s Bat-verse). Thank you for making a movie that doesn’t suck up the air you breathe (Superman Returns anyone?)Thank you for making the kind of fan boy nerd-gasm movie that you yourself would want to see. Thank you for not disappointing my childhood dream of seeing this team depicted in all its hulking – demi-god – bow slinging – repulser blasting – star spangled glory.
My only little beef: too much S.H.E.I.L.D! As much as I love Marvel’s preeminent global spy organization (particularly Jim Steranko’s mesmerizingly stunning illustrated run from the 1960’s), Director Nick Fury and his Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate served only as a plot device for me and wore out their welcome once the Avengers formed in NYC. Plus I’m a traditionalist, and although I recognize the need to use the contemporary origin of the Avengers from the first volume of The Ultimates – I will forever be partial to the original Stan Lee and Jack Kirby origin from 1963 (the one with Iron Man in the clunky yellow “Hurt Locker” armor and had Ant-Man and the Wasp as founding members).
The Avengers really is the perfect popcorn movie to usher in the summer blockbuster season. It`s a fully loaded Maserati of awesome action, it`s got bouncing out of your seat battle sequences, it`s got an honest humour about it, and with a Cosmic Smile in the credit cut-scene a sequel is defintitely in the cards! And when it does, I`ll be there with hammer and shield in hand itching to yell out…AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!


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