My First Comic-Con: Featuring Kenleigh and Friends

So this past weekend marked a mini-milestone for my little munchkin, Kenleigh. Mommy and Daddy took her to her very first Comic-Con in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre. More impressive, however, was how cosmically patient Mommy was while Daddy indulged his inner (and outer) geek, and paraded his little girl through the grand hall. Mommy walked through the hall gawking and commenting on all of the “oddities” at a lightning fast pace channeling more Speed Force than Barry Allen has ever endured, and then when she had enough made the Kessel Run to a seat in the food court in less then 12 Parsecs, where she then guarded the table with enough steadfast tenacity to rival Gandalf’s stand against the Balrog: “You shall not sit” she bellowed to the strangers looking to sit down at “our” table. But back in the hall, little Kenleigh was amazed by all of the bright costumes, colors, artwork, and energy that radiated from the South Building Main Hall of the Convention Centre. Plus, my little girl got to have her very first photo with a celebrity — that’s right, non other than the ass-kickingest astromech droid this side of the outer rim…R2-D2!!

We were accompanied to Comic-Con this year by some dear friends — Sam, Tiago, Ryan, Kim, and Gil — for all of whom marked their very first foray into this zany world of fandom lunacy. As it has come to be expected at Comic Cons, there was no shortage of people dressed up in their cosplay outfits of anime, video game, comic book, and movie characters. My good friend Gil was rather giddy with delight having his photo taken with the father and son Fett duo — I was a tad more apprensive…(I mean, there is that outstanding bounty on my head from when I ate Jabba the Hutt’s last slice of Pizza Hut).

This Con, I focused more on searching for and buying some really neat art pieces and prints. I found a few that I think will look pretty neat framed, and adorned on my walls at home. That seemed to be the trend for our group this year, as both Gil and Ryan also purchased original artwork. And for the first time in five years, I also managed to get an original drawing in my sketchbook by a local up and coming artist. It was a bitchin’ bust shot of Darth Vader (I had asked him to do a characature shot of me dressed as Hurley from Lost holding Kenleigh but the guy poo-pooed that idea, so back up plan…Darth Vader). All-in-all, I think our little group had a great time. I’m looking forward to the next one!


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