UPDATE: Seen It! Time to Tune Up Your Arc Reactors! Iron Man 3 – MOVIE REVIEW

He should have been the villain in the first movie, in my opinion. The Mandarin IS THE Iron Man villain…his nemesis so to speak. Glad to see him facing ole Shellhead finally!! And portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley to boot! The movie is going to be a high octane romp to say the least! Looking forward to it!


I went with my Mom tonight to see Iron Man 3 on opening weekend in a very packed movie theatre. Given that my Mom and I have seen the previous two installments of the misadventures of Tony Stark, it seemed appropriate that we see the most recent outing together. The following are my thoughts on the movie, but be forwarned that there are SPOILERS! from here on out so read at your own risk!


*Firstly, let’s get the not so good stuff out of the way first! My biggest issue with the movie was the total, and almost inexcusable, use of “The Mandarin” in the movie. It was a complete bait and switch. It was an iron gauntlet to the face of long time fans of the Metal Marvel. I for one was looking very forward to seeing the showdown between Shellhead and his greatest nemesis and was completely disappointed to discover that the character is not real in the film at all, but simply an elaborate tool in a far bigger terrorist plot, played by an actor named Trevor Slattery (albeit brilliantly portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley even if it is for a blink of an eye). This film version of the classic Iron Man villain is no more threatening then a drunken Russell Brand.
*Next item — since when is Tony Stark behaving like James Bond? Storming a heavily guarded compound without his armor, and armed only with a few homemade gadgets, Stark manages to incapacitate dozens of heavily armed guards before getting captured by the film’s big heavy (more on that later).
*There are parts of the movie where there is not enough of Iron Man, and then there are parts where it feels like there are too many Iron MEN. The balance just seemed a bit off kilter.
*Tony Stark gets a kid sidekick. For real. The entire segment of the movie in Tennessee with the rugrat sidekick seemed both strange and perhaps Disney mandated.
Believe it or not, that’s really all I have for negative points.


*Robert Downey Jr. once again brings his A game. Tony Stark and Iron Man is a role that he was just MEANT to play and will more than likely be the role that he will forever be associated with. In this third installment, and fourth full movie featuring the character after The Avengers, it hasn’t become stale yet. I still care about what happens to this character and that’s a testement to Downey Jr’s acting chops. There are more quips, bon mots, and showmanship than ever in this movie; and that’s just great! Along with the brevity, giving Stark crippling anxiety serves both the plot well and also grounds the character a little bit. Essentially giving him some form of weakness. Which works tremendously with allowing the character to face his demons and overcome them.
*Fantastic performances by the supporting cast. Don Cheadle fully embraces his superhero chops as the Iron Patriot (former War Machine), but is surpisingly more convincing as a kick ass military man without the armor! He kicks major ass in this flick! Pepper Potts suits up! It happens only briefly, but very cool to see. And expanding Gwenyth’s role in this movie was a great move and she demonstrates that she can be a very good action movie heroine. So kudos to her.
Finally — Guy Pierce as the true villain of the movie, Aldrich Killian, is as menacing as ever. This guy just knows how to play bad, and he does it so very well.
*Action packed. There is a lot of boom bang pow in this movie, and rife with obligatory explosions. If you like high octane action in your movies, then Iron Man 3 will not disappoint you in that regard.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and so did my mom. It wasn’t The Avengers let’s be clear about that, but it was a completely satisfactory continuation of the story of this character. I would probably praise the movie more if it weren’t for the disappointing use of The Mandarin. I think that they shouldn’t have used the character at all then the way he was portrayed in this movie. But that’s really my only major beef with the flick, and with a summer loaded with some highly anticipated blockbusters — Iron Man 3 was a great movie to usher the season out of the gate.


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