Man Of Steel: Biblical, Herculean, Otherworldly

On June 14th a cultural icon HAS BEEN reintroduced to a modern audience. I couldn’t wait to see this movie!

May 22nd 2013 Trailer:

Original Trailer:

Tonight I went to the 7:40pm 3D AVX screening, on opening weekend, of Man of Steel with my darling wife Val. It was date night! And I love my wife because she indulges me — plus I bribed her with her own popcorn. So I now also owe my wife 2 chick-flick-rom-coms The following are my thoughts on the movie, but be forwarned that there are mild SPOILERS! from here on out so read at your own risk!

Three things I gotta say right off the hop!

*One. To the marketing division at Warner Bros., to whomever…Father’s Day Opening? BRILLIANT! Good on you folks!
*Two. Remind me never to buy Real Estate in Metropolis. Just sayin. Metropolis went down like Peter Mcneely against Iron Mike Tyson. Those Kryptonian fellas got some crazy juice going on. It was as if Independence Day and Superman II made out, with a hint of Dune; a dash of Old Testament and a mighty Herculean tale. Granted a lot of the similarities with the latter two, are inherent in the character upon inception in 1938 by Siegel and Shuster, but there were a few tomes of biblical shots throughout the movie. It accentuates the point further. “You will rise up and lead them” “A god among them…”, sending him down the space-river in a rocket-basket to escape doom and being raised by adoptive parents; and a couple of Jesus Christ poses and the biblical quota card is just about filled up.
*Three. Val thinks our Superman, Henry Cavill, is SUPER-hot, and the movie was too explodey. Strangely, I completely agree.

I thought the movie, MAN OF STEEL was just amazing! I really enjoyed it! I am a big Superman, Comic Books, Superheroes fan so there might be a slight bias here or there in my review of the movie, but all-in-all, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment finally got the recipe right, methinks! There were a few questionable character anomalies in the movie — General Zod and Jonathan Kent`s final scenes are two hard pills to swallow. The plot and backstory story does paint them both into boxes with really nowhere else to go — at that point in both the development of the character of Clark (which really made me care about Jonathan Kent!), and neutralization of Zod. Still; that pill is still lodged in my throat over that one. Going to get some water…here, look at this picture I drew again…

Superman By Gerry Albert - Superman belongs to DC Comics...And our hearts!
Superman By Gerry Albert – Superman belongs to DC Comics…And our hearts!

…Ahem. Re-defining the Lois and Clark relationship was a nice fresh take. Letting Lois in on the secrets is a smart move! I love the expanded role that the World of Krypton has in this film too. It made me really care about Jor-El, and demonstrate how ruthless General Zod is.

One thing I can say for certain — is that in the 30+ years that I have been a Superman-Comic Books-Superheroes fan I have never given Jor-El and Jonathan Kent so much as a second thought. But I really enjoyed their portrayals in this film — it demonstrates the man that Clark will become. And it appears that Kevin Costner can, in fact, act his way out of a paper bag. The Jor-El-Jonathan Kent father dichotomy is fleshed out quite nicely. Perhaps I`m being a tad generous given that opening weekend is Father`s Day weekend and I`m a softie for sentiment.

I`m guessing that in the inevitable sequel, Lex Luthor has re-built Metropolis and introduces him into this world — only his company Lexcorp is seen branded throughout Smallville and Metropolis in Man of Steel. The way Metropolis turned into a crashing house of cards made of out of ashes and dust, certainly opens the door for Luthor to swoop in as the other saviour of Metropolis in the next installment. I liked this interpretation of Krypton. A little mix of the various imaginings of the planet over the past 70 years. The visual effects were remarkable. The audio deafening (thumbs up) and the pace of the movie a little uneven, but explosive. Or explodey, as Val said.

I`m still on a high from the movie. Valley didn`t love it. So in essence nerdists such as myself are probably more inclined to respond favorably to the movie than others. Man of Steel wasn`t perfect. It was really damn good though. If this film was to be the launch pad to the DC Universe of characters making their way into a Justice League film, it`s a good start.

No post-credits epilogue is a disappointment, though. Boo to that! They should be mandatory in Superhero movies. Adds to the fun watching an entire theatre full of people wait for the entire credits just to catch a dirty little 30 second tease at the end.


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