Why THE WALKING DEAD is One of My Favourite Shows of All Time!



The Walking Dead - Season 2 Cast
The Walking Dead – Season 2 Cast

Number of Seasons: 3 (2010-Present)

Imagine a world where all of the rules and conventions and order that were firmly engrained in your society was gone in an instant. The new world is one of constant peril and a struggle for survival against the reanimated dead — merciless and unconscionable bloodthirsty monsters of chaos brought about by a virus that turns living people into monsters with a single bite. In this world death means you become one of these beasts and add to the ever expanding population of the undead. One lowly Sheriff’s deputy tries to lead a rag tag group of people to safety and survival; battling the undead, other sociopathic living threats, and the turmoil of slowly losing members of their own group to the zombies.

The Walking Dead is a fantastic character-driven story. The audience cares for these nomadic survivors. We cringe when they are being attacked, and sympathize when they are killed. We are along for the ride in discovering the new rules of chaos in this post-apocalyptic world.

*Not familiar with the show? Here’s the original Season One ramp up trailer:


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