Happy 75th Birthday Superman! Like My Tattoo?

In June 1938, the greatest comic book icon of all-time was birthed into this world in the pages of the immortal Action Comics #1. In the 75 years since his first introduction, Superman has become much bigger than just a blue and red tights wearing superhero in the funny pages. He has become a Pop Cultural icon; a symbol of hope and strength; an ideal to strive towards. The character has appeared in Tens of Thousands of Comic Books, years of weekly newspaper strips, radio shows, movie serials, television shows, cartoons, commercials, and movies. His face and legendary “S” symbol have been on everything from toys, dolls, board games, print advertising, halloween costumes, bedsheets, wall decals, to children’s underwear and much much more! That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the impact that this literary character has had on society and world culture since his inception 75 years ago. With a new movie, Man of Steel just released in theatres and breaking box office records around the world, it doesn’t appear that Superman is going to fade away anytime soon. The core fundamentals of Superman, truth – justice – honour – able to perform amazing feats – are all values that millions of people around the world can embrace. Regardless of his American origins. Happy 75th Birthday Superman!! Cheers to another 75 years (at least…)!

Getting My Superman Tattoo
Getting My Superman Tattoo


Superman Theme

In honour of the Man of Steel’s big birthday, I thought I would talk about what the character means to me. I’m a long time comic book fan and collector of superhero action figures. Superman was the first for both. When my father died several years ago, I gave a heartwarming eulogy comparing him to this pillar of fortitude and extraordinary good will. I decided that I wanted to do something to forever commemorate both the memory of my father. Something that I could glance at briefly from time to time and be instantly reminded of him. I opted to get a tattoo of Kal-El’s “S” emblem on my upper arm. What made it even more special, was that my friends all chipped in to pay for it as a special gift to me; and I had a whole entourage watching to boot!! To others looking at the tattoo they would think it simply represents my huge nerddom in my incredible infinity for comic book superheroes, but to me it is a forever reminder of great man and a SUPER Dad!!

Being the gooey sentimental softie that I am, I loved that the most recent movie was released on Father’s Day weekend! It was a wonderful sympatico. I got to watch a great movie with my Father-In-Law, my wife, and my brother-in-law.
Feel free to check out my review of the movie here:

Man of Steel

Up, up, and away y’all!


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