Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars – Ok, He’s Definitely A Bigger Geek Than Me!

Several weeks ago, actor Patton Oswalt guest starred on an episode of NBC’s hit TV sitcom Parks and Recreation. The director asked him to ramble on in a council room meeting scene about anything that he wanted, but he had to continue non-stop for several minutes. What resulted from this improvisational rant has become a cult fan favourite viewed millions of times over. Someone has also very creatively animated his rant….

Patton Oswald’s Star Wars Filibuster – Animated

Patton Oswalt is a huge nerd. Like most nerds, he’s passionate about comics, movies, and all things pop culture. With Disney owning the rights to both Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm (the studio that produces Star Wars) it was only inevitable that a colossal geek eventually spew out their mash-up wet dream fantasies about these worlds colliding. It is definitely fun to imagine what this meet up would be like in a Marvel Team Up comic book kind of way, but I don`t think that it would translate well to film. But the rant is worth listening to, and this animated video is also quite entertaining.

I mean, this couldn`t work right? It`s far too ridiculous to ever be taken seriously, right? RIGHT?!?
What would be next, then? Warner Brothers merges their properties…Superman meets Harry Potter? (Wait a second….)



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