The Wednesday Pull List – Old and New Comics

Any true comic book fan and collector will tell you that Wednesday is their favourite day of the week! It’s the day that new issues are released on the shelves. When I was younger and had more disposable income, it was a tradition I looked forward to each and every week. As I have amassed thousands of comic books over the course of my 30 plus years of collecting, I thought it would be fun to go through some comic books from my own personal stash and discuss them. I’ve pulled books from all eras, and for a multitude of reasons (which I will state in the synopsis for each title). So sit back in your favourite seat, and try not to get the tape stuck on the pages when we pull this weeks classic gems for The Wednesday Pull List!


Justice League #22 (2013)
Justice League #22 (2013)

The first chapter of the highly anticipated “Trinity War” – one issue in and already waaaaay better than the entire “Age of Ultron” fiasco over at Marvel. Three equally matched Justice League teams will battle it out while the Sinister Secret Society of Supervillains orchestrate it all from the shadows! For all the naysayers that were vocal about a key moment in this summer’s “Man of Steel” movie, you may want to shy away from this issue lest your impression of Superman be further sullied. Penciller Ivan Reis knows how to evoke some awesome action pacing! This is going to be a great event book — I can feel it!!
The Walking Dead #112
The Walking Dead #112

You think the TV show is the bees knees? You ain’t seen nothing yet! This story arc since issue #96 has been compelling, and extraordinary storytelling! Big bad biker bully Negan is no longer being looked at as Governor Jr., he is a really turning out to be his own sadistic and ruthless kind of prick! He’s a calculating warlord that seems to have the upper hand every step of the way. That final splash page has left me bloodthirsty for more right now!! Boy oh boy is Rick ever in a whole heap of trouble now!
Green Lantern Corps #22 (2013)
Green Lantern Corps #22 (2013)

This first issue with the new creative team since the title relaunched almost 2 years ago with the rest of the ‘New 52’, was a good lead in. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see the book migrating away from the cycle of ‘mega-threat’ villains that have been the norm the past 3 years. It’s cool to see old school baddies the warrior Khunds and the shape-shifting Durlans reemerge in the ‘New 52’ and they’ll be formidable foes for the Green Lantern Corp for the foreseeable future! I like new regular series penciller Bernard Chang’s artistic style too!


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