So…uh, ROBOCOP (2014)!

In honour of Canada’s final Olympic Gold Medal win in Ice Hockey today, I decided to go and see the-shot-in-Toronto remake of ROBOCOP at the Clarington Place Cineplex. I rationalized the decision by coming up with this witty jingo…”Red and a white it’s all maple leaf!” (Instead of instead of the immortal “dead or alive your coming with me!”) Get it? That’s wordplay GOLD right there! Lol. Um yeah, so…uh, ROBOCOP!


After viewing the ROBOCOP remake, I can safely say that Paul Verhoeven has nothing to worry about. His ultra-violent, gory, and dynamic vision of the cybernetic lawmaker stills hold the number one spot between the original and the remake. That said, I would take ROBOCOP (2014) as first choice for a sequel. It was vastly better than Robocops 2 and 3 from the late eighties / early nineties – but it failed to provide anything really groundbreaking or new to the mix to make it stand out above the original.

In my limited opinion, the only believable performance in this remake came from the great Gary Oldman. The guy who played Alex Murphy…meh. Sam Jackson’s fascist Televangelist-Schlock-Blitzer Pat Novak…phoned in. Michael Keaton…felt restrained, not really believable as an antagonist. But Oldman did his part, so I’ll give it a bump for that. I think the PG Rating limited the movie. Had it been Restricted or (“AA” here in Canada) they could have upped the ante on the gore and over-the-topness that made the original 1987 film so memorable. That one had a guy melting from getting toxic waste dumped all over him fer cryin’ out loud. This remake had nothing even comparable to offer in the same calibre.

Now, removing any connection to the original Robocop from 1987, this film was ok on the action and sleek in its appearance. It just lacked any real threat or conflict and the ending felt a little anti-climactic.


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