DC COMICS SUPER-FAN: ARISIA – Honoured Green Lantern


ARISIA (Images Property of DC Comics)
ARISIA (Images Property of DC Comics)

Created by: Mike W. Barr, Len Wein, Joe Staton
First Appearance: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1 (May 1981)
Secret Identity: Arisia Rrrab
Team Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps.
Powers: Through the Green Lantern ring she wields, Arisia can create constructs of green ‘solid-energy,’ which can vary from microscopic to tremendous in size and/or complexity and are limited by the imagination and will of the ring’s wielder. This can be used to attack, defend, or to grab targets. Arisia’s native Graxonite physiology allows her to heal rapidly. She has been known to recover from what appeared to be fatal injuries by entering a death-like state until her body regenerates. Arisia ages one of her years for every 18.5 Earth years, because of the slow orbit of her planet around its Sun. This grants Arisia a lengthy lifespan compared to the average human. She is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant, expert marksman, and her natural grace and agility make her ideal for stealth and sneak attack.

Arisia, in her appearance as a pixie like do-gooder, is one of the most likable and recognizable Green Lanterns. She comes from a long lineage of Green Lanterns, as she is the fifth person from her family selected to be a member of the honored Corps. She has been romantically linked to fellow Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan and Sodom Yat, and was the secret crush of the lovable brute Kilowog. She was believed killed by the maniac super-villain Major Force, but none were aware of the healing properties of Arisia’s alien physiology. When discovered trapped as a prisoner on the robot world Biot, Arisia was reinstated as part of the reformed Green Lantern Corps.

Why She Should Be Showcased?

Showcasing Arisia would be a fun way to include the power sets of a Green Lantern to any team or solo effort, but allow for a feminine perspective and break up the boys club that Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Raynor have run for quite some time. Her youthful appearance and slow aging, along with her formidable fighting prowess, would also make for some very interesting story-telling possibilities.


ARISIA and former lover Hal Jordan (Images Property of DC Comics)
ARISIA and former lover Hal Jordan (Images Property of DC Comics)

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  1. jrj1701 says:

    Glad to see ya back on your comic blog. Huzzah!!!

    1. IMSTILLAKID says:

      Thanks!! I go through cycles where I concentrate on one more than the other, but that’s why I have a few of them — so I never get bored! But it’s funny, things I do on the Horror Blog inspire some things I do on the Comic Blog — and vice versa.

      1. jrj1701 says:

        Horror movies can inspire some imposing comic book villians.

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