DC COMICS SUPER-FAN: PHANTOM LADY – Heroine of the Golden Age


PHANTOM LADY (Images Property of DC Comics)
PHANTOM LADY (Images Property of DC Comics)

Created by: Arthur Peddy
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (August 1941)
Secret Identity: Sandra Knight (others have donned the costume as well – Dee Tyler and Stormy Knight)
Team Affiliations: All-Star Squadron, Freedom Fighters, ARGENT
Powers: A normal human of above-average physicality, knows how to fight, is incredibly agile, and has a calculating mind for reason and deduction. She is equipped with a “black light ray projector” that scientist Professor Davis developed. Sandra wears the device on her wrist and uses it as a blinding and disorienting weapon.

The daughter of a promising U.S. Senator, Sandra Knight discovered an assassination plot against her father by two hardened criminals looking to orchestrate political anarchy. With nothing but a rolled up newspaper, Sandra managed to thwart the assassin’s plans. This left her exhilarated and yearning for more crime-fighting capers. She underwent rigorous combat training and honed her stealth, espionage, and detective skills to an extraordinary degree. Along with her impressive skills, and the black-light device built by Professor Davis used as a form of invisibility and blinding weapon towards her opponents, the special goggles crafted that allow her to see in the dark, she also designed a deliberately sexy costume in order to distract her male opponents before smacking them with a wallop. With all of her crime-fighting tools at her employ, Sandra Knight became the self-titled mistress of the dark – the sexy heroine known as Phantom Lady. She is related to Ted Knight, the original Starman of the 1940’s. She had a brief love affair with powerhouse super-hero Iron Munro, her partner in the Espionage group ARGENT, and as a result of this tryst had a child that she gave up for adoption. It was revealed in later years, that she is the grandmother of Kate Spencer, the crime-fighting Manhunter.

Why She Should Be Showcased?

Phantom Lady, as portrayed by Sandra Knight, would benefit greatly from a film-noire style setting and story. As the modern world of superheroes have vastly greater powers and abilities which would eclipse her power set, Sandra Knight’s Phantom Lady would definitely fit in tales depicting crime-fighting in the 1940’s and 1950’s. As there have been a number of different characters donning the costume through DC Comic’s publishing history, an anthology series depicting the various Phantom Lady’s of different eras would be an interesting take on this currently shelved Golden Age voluptuous vixen.

PHANTOM LADY in Action(Images Property of DC Comics)
PHANTOM LADY in Action(Images Property of DC Comics)

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