GHOST RIDER (All Images Property of MARVEL Comics)
GHOST RIDER (All Images Property of MARVEL Comics)

Created by: Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas and Mike Ploog
First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #5 (Aug. 1972)
Secret Identity: Johnny Blaze
Team Affiliations: Champions
Powers: Limitless Superhuman Strength and Durability,
Ability to Project Regular and Ethereal Flame, Ability to Travel Between Interdimensional Realms and Along Any Surface, Enchanted Hellfire Chain, Immortality, Flaming Motorcycle, Hellfire Shotgun, Penance Stare, Resurrection, Accelerated Healing Factor

Stunt Man extraordinaire, Johnny Blaze, made a deal with the devil (Mephisto) to heal his father of an incurable disease. His soul in exchange for a cure, Johnny accepted the sinister deal and his father was indeed cured. When his dad died attempting a ridiculous stunt, Mephisto arrived to claim Johnny’s soul and declared that the younger Blaze would now become his servant at night and during the day he would hang out with him in hell. After some negotiation, by day Johnny Blaze went about his life amongst the living, but at night his head would catch fire and he became the Ghost Rider — servant of hell. Johnny Blaze performed in a traveling stunt show which brought him from town to town and soon realized that he could transform into his demonic alter-ego not only at night but whenever evil was afoot. That evil would then quickly try to run away as fast as they could, because a man with a flaming skull riding a flaming motorcycle racing towards you at top speed can’t be good. Although the Rider has attempted to join a superhero group briefly, it never panned out as he is too much of a loner.

Ghost Rider 2


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  1. jrj1701 says:

    Ghostrider is one of my favorites, and if I am not mistaken it is one of the first anti-heroes, next ot Hulk.

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