DC COMICS SUPER-FAN: LIBERTY BELLE – Golden Age Leader of the Squadron


LIBERTY BELLE (Images Property of DC Comics)
LIBERTY BELLE (Images Property of DC Comics)

Created by: LIBBY LAWRENCE – Don Cameron and Chuck Winter / JESSE CHAMBERS – Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck
First Appearance: LIBBY LAWRENCE – Boy Commandos #1 (Winter 1942) / JESSE CHAMBERS – Justice Society of America #1 (August 1992)
Secret Identity: Libby Lawrence – Jesse Chambers
Team Affiliations: LIBBY LAWRENCE – All-Star Squadron / JESSE CHAMBERS – Justice Society of America, Teen Titans, The Conglomerate, and the Justice League
Powers: LIBBY LAWRENCE – By ringing a miniature replica of the Liberty Bell on her belt, has enhanced speed, strength, and stamina as well as the ability to project powerful pulses of sonic vibrations from her hands that will shatter solid objects. JESSE CHAMBERS – has all of the same abilities as her mother and also has Super Speed when she utter’s her father’s formula “3×2(9yZ)4A” she is able to move super fast can turn it off she can speaks the formula “Z25Y(2AB)6. She can fly by running at super speed and launching herself into flight, and she can phase her molecules through solid objects.

After escaping Nazi-occupied Europe in World War II, Libby Lawrence became a reporter and while writing a human interest piece on Liberty while in Philadelphia at the famed Liberty Bell, a guard gives her magical talisman that bestows upon her incredible gifts. Naming herself after both the talisman and the actual landmark, Liberty Belle embarked on a crime-fighting career on the home-front during wartime. She joined the All-Star Squadron and soon became it’s leader. She partnered, fell in love with, and eventually married fellow superhero Johnny Quick. The pair had a daughter together, Jesse Chambers, would would grow up to inherit both of her parents incredible abilities and continued in the family superhero tradition. Jesse was a member of various superhero teams and eventually followed in her mother’s footsteps by falling in love and marrying fellow superhero Hourman (Rick Tyler).

Why She Should Be Showcased?

Guilt over the death of Johnny Quick by both mother and daughter, as well as Jesse’s married life with super-heroics mirroring her mother’s early days as a costumed adventurer would make a title starring these two characters a fun legacy piece. Stories, adventures, and enemies could be book-ended with the past meeting or influencing events in the present. The fiery relationship between mother and daughter would make for a compelling dynamic.

LIBERTY BELLE (Images Property of DC Comics)
LIBERTY BELLE (Images Property of DC Comics)

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