Black Sheep (2006)
Black Sheep (2006)

Directed By: Jonathan King
Written By: Jonathan King
Starring: Nathan Meister; Danielle Mason; Peter Feeney
Released: March 2006
A sheep farm in New Zealand starts harvesting genetically modified sheep. These freakish sheep develop a taste for blood and one bite by these baaaaad ewes will mutate its victim. Yup. That’s really what it’s about.
What I Love About This Movie:
I caught this movie on Netflix for the first time last year, and I am glad I did; because although it doesn’t take itself seriously it is far more ridiculous than the filmmakers intended. I should probably have categorized this film as a Black Comedy instead of Deadly Animals, but I needed one more for this category. Along with birds, a shark, piranhas, and a St. Bernard I thought murderous sheep would wrap up the category perfectly. There’s a scientifically mutated sheep that bites a guy turning him into a virtual were-sheep; a standing sheep sheering itself, another chap who has a paralyzing phobia of sheep, and that guy’s brother who is quite amourous of the even-toed ungulate set (like in the biblical sense – wink, wink, nudge, nudge). That, plus an incredibly unbelieveable scene of businessmen being slaughtered by the fuzzy furies and an atomic explosion ignited by sheep farts warrants this film’s inclusion as one of my faves. Seriously, all of that stuff happens in this movie. Must be seen to be believed.


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