BLACK X-MAS (2006)

Black X-Mas (2006)
Black X-Mas (2006)

Directed by: Glen Morgan
Produced by: Marty Adelstein, Steven Hoban, Glen Morgan, Dawn Parouse, Victor Solnicki, James Wong
Screenplay by: Glen Morgan – Based on: Black Christmas by A. Roy Moore
Starring: Katie Cassidy, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Oliver Hudson, Lacey Chabert, Kristen Cloke, Andrea Martin
Released: December 25, 2006

Black X-Mas (2006) is a formulaic slasher film paint by numbers. Yes, there are gorgeous ladies (played by the yummy Katie Cassidy and the fan favorite Michelle Trachtenberg) being hacked and slashed in their own Sorority home by a crazed killer named Billy Lenz over the Christmas holidays. Yes, Billy used to live in that house twenty years prior when he killed his mom and her boyfriend, ate their flesh as Christmas cookies, and kidnapped his sister/daughter. Yes, he was caught and institutionalized under heavy security for the past two decades, and yes he escapes. Yes, this all seems to be happening while a major storm is occurring outside. Yes, it gets bloody and yes, the bodies start piling up. But finally, no, this remake does not measure up at all to the original Black Christmas.

This remake has a different pace, tone, and backstory from the original Bob Clark 1974 masterpiece. The origin of Billy Lenz is a new addition and created a different feel for this movie. It resulted in virtually eliminating any kind of suspense or surprise from the movie’s plot, but it did provide a disturbing flashback sequence and some of the film’s more psychotic moments (want some cookies that were made FROM Momma?) and revealed Lenz’s incestuous and abusive past. The addition of the Lenz back story changes this version of the movie considerably from the 1974 version, so much so that with a few tweaks it could have been a completely different movie — which I wish it had been, and left the legacy of the Canadian cult classic untarnished. Black X-Mas (2006) has the blood, the babes, and the body count but it’s lacking the scares.

2 frosty snowman thumbs out of 5!


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