DR. GIGGLES (1992)

Dr. Giggles (1992)

DR. GIGGLES (1992)
Directed by: Manny Coto
Produced by: Stuart M. Besser
Written by: Manny Coto, Graeme Whifler
Starring: Larry Drake, Holly Marie Combs
Cliff De Young, Glen Quinn, Keith Diamond, Richard Bradford
Released: October 23, 1992

The poster tag line reads:

If you’re from Moorehigh and you get sick,
Pray on your hands and knees that you die quick!

Clever. Also sets the tone for all of the medical related bon mots and quips that Dr. Giggles (Larry Drake) spouts throughout the movie.

The titular Doctor Giggles is given that name because of a nervous twitchy little laugh he emits when he speaks, and he is also not an actual medical professional. He’s actually Evan Rendell the mentally deranged son of Dr. Rendell, a man Evan idolizes and constantly tries to emulate — but in 1957 Poppa Doc fell off his rocker and was discovered removing patients hearts in a crazy attempt at reviving his recently deceased wife (and Giggles’ mom). Well, like most rational townspeople do — they close in on Rendell and stone him to death…and not with that killer Cheech you can buy from that creepy looking dude outside of a Tim Horton’s coffee shop…but with actual heavy rocks. Ouch.

His sanity snapped after his father’s murder, Giggles spends the next 35 years in a mental institution. He finally escapes, murdering several doctors in the process. Setting his cackling sights on Moorehigh to avenge his father, Dr. Giggles cuts a swath through the town with surgical precision.

Best breaking-the-fourth-wall-by-looking-directly-at-the-camera line by a dying killer moments before death: “Is there a doctor in the house?

Although it came out in the 90’s during a time when slashers were way over the top and a little passé, Dr. Giggles was an entertaining horror movie that delivers some clever surgically-themed murder sequences (accompanied with appropriate diagnosis based banter), and knowingly doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Dr. Giggles is the right prescription for a mix of horror and fun.


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