FIDO (2006)

Fido (2006)
Fido (2006)

Fido (2006)
Directed by: Andrew Currie
Produced by: Trent Carlson, Blake Corbet
Mary Anne Waterhouse, Kevin Eastwood
Written by: Robert Chomiak, Andrew Currie
Dennis Heaton
Story by: Dennis Heaton
Starring: Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly
Dylan Baker, K’Sun Ray, Henry Czerny, Tim Blake Nelson
Released: September 7, 2006

Fido is a fun take on the modern zombie film set in the world of the idyllic 1950’s. Scientists have discovered a way to control zombies from attacking humans by outfitting them with collars that surpress their murderous natures. As a result, zombies are used by well-to-do suburbanites as servants and pets; and for some residents of the town — slightly more perverse functions. Scottish comedian/actor Billy Connelly is exceptionally good in the role of the titular zombie, Fido. A zombie that ends up filling the role of attentive lover for the housewife, best friend for the boy, and whipping post for the husband. At points the zombies can be a little bit scary, but also appear warm and caring as well. Fido is ridiculous by it’s very nature and comes across more as a comedy than a horror film, but it’s fun and entertaining. It’s also a good little piece of Can-con which I enjoy promoting when I can.


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  1. I didn’t care for this movie as much as you did. Neat concept though.

    1. IMSTILLAKID says:

      I loved the 1950’s sensibilities played against a zombie outbreak. Not the greatest film ever, I can attest, but it was a fun romp with some fun sight gags.

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