PIECES (1982)

Pieces (1982)
Pieces (1982)

PIECES (1982)
Directed by: Juan Piquer Simón
Produced by: Stephen Minasian, Dick Randall,
Edward L. Montoro
Written by: John W. Shadow, Dick Randall
Starring: Christopher George, Linda Day,
Frank Braña, Edmund Purdom, Paul L. Smith, Ian Sera,
Jack Taylor
Released: August 23, 1982

Pieces is a Spanish horror film from 1982 that was dubbed into English for an American release. It starts off in 1942. a young boy gets scolded by his mom because she caught him putting together a puzzle of a naked woman. After yelling at the boy and threatening to destroy any smut she finds, the super ticked off boy grabs an axe and repeatedly chunks it into his Mom’s skull killing her. No more nagging…ever. The cops arrive a little later with the concerned nanny, and they find the boy hiding in a closet and the severed head in another. The police ask the nanny about the whereabouts of the father (who has left the family) and she replies that he’a in Europe. She tells the po-po that the boy has an aunt and she’ll take care of him from now on.

Flash forward to 1982, the boy is all grown up and goes by the name Willard. He opens a box revealing his mother’s bloodstained shoes and clothes, as well as pieces from his nudie puzzle from back in the day.
Soon after, many girls around the University campus start getting gruesomely murdered, and one by one the killer puts the puzzle together with each subsequent kill.

Because the chainsaw-wielding killer is such a nutjob, he tries to create his own jigsaw puzzle made from real human body parts. Police Lieutenant Bracken is investigating the vicious murders and recruits college student Kendall and undercover officer Mary (posing as a tennis instructor) on board to try to uncover the identity of the maniac.

Pieces (1982) is very bloody and gruesome with it’s kill scenes. Outside of those frames, the film has some laughably bad dialogue (perhaps it’s from a loss in translation from the movie’s original Spanish track). Here’s an example of some of the Keatsian-like dialogue in the movie “there’s nothing better in this world than smoking some good pot and fucking on a waterbed” and
That bastard! While we were looking around out here, that bastard was in there killing her! Bastard! Bastard! BAAAS-TERD!” – ah gems all around! The movie screams are abundant and the victim’s limbs and heads fall off their bodies like a well-cooked pulled pork sandwich.

Pieces has it’s strong degree of cheesiness, but it’s an enjoyable horror film for the type of people that like their steaks raw and bloody and it’s a good addition to the plethora of Slasher horror films that arose out of that era.


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