Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)
Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

Directed by : Charles Sellier
Starring: Robert Brian Wilson, Gilmer McCormick, Linnea Quigley, Toni Nero
Theatrical Release: November 1984

In the spirit of the season of this movie, allow me to review it in song. Here are the discriptive lyrics! Feel free to sing along…
(*Sung to the Tune of”The Twelve Days of Christmas”) – In this Christmas Slasher the director gave to me:
*Twelve Gruesome Murders
*Eleven Hapless Victims
*Ten Goofy Orphans
*Nine Bellows of “Punish”
*Eight Year old sucky actors
*Seven Deadly Weapons
*Six Decent Death Scenes
*Five Drunk-en Fools
*Four Toy Store Murders
*Three Dressed As Santa
*Two Dead Parents
And a sub par film to Black Christmas!

A funny thing about the release date of the film – November 9th 1984, another popular horror film was released the very same weekend.

Silent Night, Deadly Night was released on this date – but because of protests and getting yanked from theatres it only made $2.5 million. Given that the budget for the film was only $750,000 it more than tripled it’s costs and was therefore considered a hit – allowing for the sequels. But one has to wonder how much it would have made.

The other film released on the same date was A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). With it’s $1.6 million budget, the movie was a smash hit and went on to make $26 million dollars in its initial release, and thereby spawning not only a franchise but an empire – as each subsequent film made more than the last.

But, had Silent Night not been yanked from theatres in its initial run, would it have stolen some of Elm Street‘s thunder?

House of Horror - 10 Creepy Recent Discoveries - Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)


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