Slaughter High (1985)
Slaughter High (1986)

Directed by: Mark Ezra, Peter Litten,
George Dugdale
Produced by: Dick Randall, Stephen Minasian
Written by: Mark Ezra, Peter Litten, George Dugdale
Starring: Caroline Munro, Simon Scuddamore
Released: November 14, 1986

Several former students of Doddsville High return for a mysterious 10-year high school reunion. The school has been closed down for years after a prank by these same former students caused a nerdy recluse, Marty Rantzen, to become horribly disfigured and psychotic. Unbeknownst to the hapless octet at first, the entire reunion is a sham; it’s an orchestrated revenge plot by Marty Rantzen to kill everyone that had a hand in his accident. One by one they are each disposed of in inventive and deplorable ways.

Slaughter High (1986) stands toe to toe with most of the 2nd or 3rd wave of slasher flicks that were released in the mid 1980’s. Sure it was a bit formulaic in that it had a deranged killer and it had some imaginative kill sequences, but it also asked a lot of the audience to suspend a lot of belief. Personally, I had a hard time accepting a few things (I know I know it’s a horror film not Shakespheare), like how 8 people showed up at a closed down school with no lights on, parked outside for hours where no one greeted them nor other alumni arriving, and then decide to break in to look around. Any semi-intelligent biped arthropod would have abandoned the Reunion possibility hours ago, and would have questioned how completely suspicious this whole thing is, and would have left. But for the sake of moving the plot along…all rational thought is dismissed. This continues when the first victim’s gut explodes after shotgunning a tainted beer. You all leave together, or you all stay put. Never separate. Especially going to take a bath alone in a gross bathtub that hadn’t been cleaned in years, or sneaking off to have sex with a high school flame. But, right…moving plot along.

Overall, Slaughter High (originally titled April Fool’s Day but had to change it’s name when another movie called April Fool’s Day was released earlier that same year) is not a bad little slasher horror movie, I really enjoyed it as a teen and I particularly love the skeleton holding the apple movie poster. The only problem I have is what I mentioned previously about how the audience is expected to accept some of the questionable choices made by the principle characters. But hey, the movie is fun so it’s forgivable to jump past a lot of the gaping plot holes.


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