THE THING (1982)

The Thing (1982)
The Thing (1982)

THE THING (1982)
Directed By: John Carpenter
Written By: Bill Lancaster
Based on the Novel Who Goes There? By: John W. Campbell
Starring: Kurt Russell; Wilfred Brimley
Released: June 1982
What I Love About This Movie:
I remember watching The Thing on First Choice (a subscription movie channel available in Canada in the early to late 1980’s) and loved it! A murderous monster from beyond the stars that assumes your form after it kills you. The film is a great example of paranoia run wild, as each person in the isolated Antarctic science base violently turns on one another as they start believing that any of them could be an alien beast. This is probably my second favorite Kurt Russell movie too, sandwiched between Big Trouble in Little China and Tango and Cash. Kurt is pretty cool to watch in this film, and definitely nudges the movie onto my favorites list. Add in a great score by director John Carpenter and what you have is a legendary sci-fi horror masterpiece.
*A little bit of fun trivia: in Carpenter’s Halloween, little Lindsay and Tommy are watching the original Thing From Another World on television. A little snapshot into the mind of John Carpenter and his love of the movie.


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