The Video Dead (1984)

Directed by: Robert Scott
Produced by: Robert Scott
Written by: Robert Scott
Starring: Michael St. Michaels, Thaddeus A. Golas
Al Millan, Roxanna Augesen, Lory-Michael Ringuette
Rocky Duvall
Released: November 1987

The Video Dead is a campy, but fun in the day, take on a zombie movie. A mysterious TV allows zombies from a movie to exit the movie thru it, allowing the murderous undead to walk in the real world. The premise, the movie posters, and some funny zombie moments are the best things about this movie. I’m being very generous about that too. The setting was as ordinary and suburban as I could imagine, and it looked as if they filmed it entirely at my Uncle Bud’s house; up north where he has acreage in the back of the house with some trees. The acting was atrocious and painful. Even by low budget 80’s horror film standards, these actors had about as much acting ability as a wet fart. The make up effects weren’t too bad in some sequences, and were not-so-good in other sequences. This was distracting and threw me off. I couldn’t tell if this was just a really bad College Film Student’s movie, or a really good movie made by High School students over March Break.


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