XTRO (1982)

XTRO (1982)
XTRO (1982)

XTRO (1982)
Directed by: Harry Bromley Davenport
Produced by: Mark Forstater
Written by: Harry Bromley Davenport
Starring: Bernice Stegers, Philip Sayer,
Simon Nash, Maryam d’Abo, Danny Brainin
Released: August 6, 1982

A short review today folks, I just recently had a viewing of the 1982 alien horror film Xtro — I’m guessing it was trying to capitalize on the monumental success of E.T. The Extraterrestrial (1981), and although it’s a sci-fi horror film instead of a family film, Xtro didn’t even come anywhere close to hitting any mark even remotely close to resembling E.T.

At the outset of the film, Sam Phillips is abducted by aliens one evening whilst playing outside with his young son Tony. He was enveloped by a bright strong light and vanishes in an instant. He is not seen again, and his little family moves on. After some time Tony’s mom, Rachel, starts a new relationship with Joe and they relocate to London where the couple continue to work as successful photographers. Three years has passed, and the bizarre light returns. From the location it lands, a bizarre humanoid creature emerges and begins down the nearby road. It is struck by a vehicle. The driver and passenger are both killed suddenly by the hybrid creature. The alien being comes upon a remote cottage where it attacks its resident, a woman, leaving her unconscious. After the altercation, the lady is impregnated and what’s inside her is rapidly gestating. When she returns to consciousness, she gives birth to a fully grown Sam. The trauma of birthing a full-sized man kills the woman. Sam appropriates the vehicle of the murdered couple and drives off in search of his son, Tony, who is now living in a condominium building in London. After discovering that Sam has been meeting with Tony, Rachel is puzzled by the whole affair and Joe doesn’t trust Sam — wondering where he has been for the past 3 years. Rachel can’t quite decide what her feelings are for her two men, but there is something sinister happening with Sam as he is not the same as before he disappeared, and his behaviour begins to have a frightening affect on Tony.

The above paragraph was the best I could come up with for the movies contrived plot, and wooden performances. The movie has an incredibly low-budget feel to it — which hinders a film about alien abductions — and the cast appear as though they gave up on this movie before it even started shooting.


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