The Conjuring (2013)
The Conjuring (2013)

Directed by: James Wan
Produced by: Tony DeRosa-Grund,
Peter Safran, Rob Cowan
Written by: Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga
Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor
Released: July 19, 2013

A random text message from my good friend Mike, and we were off to the movies on a Monday night in the summer of 2013. Of course, I had to coax and convince my scaredy-cat pal to go and see THE CONJURING. In a nutshell, I think it was a really good horror picture. I’m a big fan of the Horror genre, and I’m fairly desensitized to a lot of onscreen blood, gore and viscera but ghost stories and demonic possessions still seem to get the better of me and can frighten me pretty good. It doesn’t happen too often though. The Conjuring didn’t cause me to evacuate my colon out of fear, but it did have a few good jump moments as well as a couple of “whaaaaa…? DAMN!” moments.

Director James Wan (SAW, Dead Silence) is very quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Horror realm and has already amassed an impressive portfolio.
He certainly knows what buttons to push to scare the audience, and spares no expense with utilizing the haunted house staples of creaky floors, banging doors, smashing picture frames and all the other ghostly conventions. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga steal the show as ultra-cool married Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren; who are recruited to help a family that is being accosted and tormented in their home by the demonic ghost of a former owner of their remote country house.

The movie is filled with frights but not body count — which is kind of a nice change of pace for horror films as of late. The make up and special effects are also superb. This movie was definitely worth checking out on the big screen, and I enjoyed it again recently watching it on The Movie Network here in Ontario. If you’re a fan of possessed houses, ghosts, and evil spirits, then you should see the movie, if anything see it so you could understand this joke that my scaredy-cat friend Mike made while we were watching the film:

“If yo woman smells like rotten meat, it’s time she hits the streets”

I’ll leave you with that parting thought. I give it a solid 4 out of 5!

The Conjuring Filmstrip


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