House At The End of The Street (2012)
House At The End of The Street (2012)

Directed by: Mark Tonderai
Produced by: Aaron Ryder, Peter Block, Ryan Kavanaugh
Written by: David Loucka, Jonathan Mostow
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows, Elisabeth Shue
Released: September 21, 2012

This movie is a refreshing change of pace as it plays more like a thriller than a horror film. One part mystery, one part thriller, with elements of Psycho, and Sleepaway Camp make up the sinister recipe of The House At The End Of The Street. The biggest weight of this film, however, lies in the ending.

Elizabeth Shue, my fantasy girlfriend from the 1980’s, plays Sarah Cassidy – a recently divorced mother who moves into a home in a new community with her teenaged daughter Elissa (played by my new fantasy girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence). The ladies are able to afford this gorgeous home, because the street has had difficulty with real estate values because of the titular neighboring house. Four years prior, a young girl, Carrie-Ann Jacobsen brutally murdered her parents. Conflicting reports have the town believing that the girl drowned, but some postulate that she is still out there wondering the woods like a beast. Having been out of town when the incident happened, the home was willed to Ryan Jacobsen (Max Thieriot), the family’s eldest child. Ryan is the subject of taunts, and paranoia, amongst the townspeople. After storming out of a party after an unwanted sexual advancement, Elissa storms out of the party and heads home in the rain. Driving by and seeing his new neighbor walking in the rain, Ryan offers Elissa a ride home. Hesitant at first, she accepts the ride and eventually the two become close — even with her mother’s protestations to the contrary. But Ryan is harboring a horrible and disturbing secret, and it’s about to affect the Cassidy’s in a terrifying way.

The movie starts off with a horrific incident and then really offers no more frights until closer to the end of the movie, but it’s well worth the wait. Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue bring about some very good performances as the Mother and Daughter duo thrust into frightening nightmare, simply because they live next to The House At The End Of The Street.

3 fully functioning but freaked out thumbs out of 5!


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