Firestorm on The Flash: Reminds Me of An Amusing Tale From My Childhood

My Childhood Home and a Pile of Comics for Sale
My Childhood Home and a Pile of Comics for Sale

Y’know THE FLASH fans, when I was a wee lad in 1985 living in Toronto at Broadview and Queen Street, I travelled across Toronto one sweaty summer day on foot — selling a stack of comics at a used book store at Parliament and Queen St. E (off an old man that saw Haley’s Comet twice in his lifetime and used to rip kids off by only giving them 15 cents or a Quarter).

Used Book Store That I Trekked To
Used Book Store That I Trekked To

I made enough scratch to the walk halfway back across the city to Towers Department Store at Carlaw Ave and Gerrard St to pick up this very action figure…Firestorm! When I got to the cash register to purchase my prized reward for my journey, my 9 year old brain still hadn’t accounted for sales tax. I was 75 cents short. I surrendered the toy to the cashier and walked back home to Broadview and Queen. When I got home, I harassed one of our permanent guests for a Dollar — and dramatically over reacted in the hopes of getting a rode back to the store. No such luck. In that moment it was obvious I was going to wear out the soles of my shoes on this day.

Tired. Sweaty. Parched. I made my trek back to Gerrard and Carlaw to the Towers — stormed right up to the cashier and demanded my figure. She old me one of the staff had put it back. I went searching the aisles, but couldn’t find Firestorm!
I took every figure off the peg to make sure. But he was gone.

Then I remembered something!! I’m always indecisive when I buy things I like. And when I was in the store earlier, I had grabbed 2 figures (one was Firestorm the other was Darkseid) and I was weighing which one to get. I decided on Darkseid and just shoved Firestorm behind some Go Bots. On my way to the cashier, I had changed my mind and went and grabbed Firestorm from the original row of Super Powers figures NOT the one I had stashed behind Leader One and Cy-Kill. I raced to the Go Bots aisle and lo and behold there was the last Firestorm! I grabbed it and strutted my stuff to the same cashier as earlier and we exchanged cheeky smiles. I walked all the way back home to Broadview and Queen, and when I reached my front porch my feet backfired like an old VW Beetle. I Was out of gas. As I was chafing from crotch to foot, I doused my own personal “firestorm” in a cool bath and stared at my treasure from across the room.

What a Journey
What a Journey

30 years later I still have that very same figure. If anything, it’s so I can rehash this story from time to time. At that age I dreamed of seeing characters like Firestorm on tv and in movies! Tonight, on THE FLASH, my inner 9 year old was holding that action figure up high proudly when I witnessed the origin story of The Nuclear Man.


Firestorm Collage


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