DEAR 1985: An Unconventional Review of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”


Dear 1985,

It appears that I owe you an apology, old friend!

You see, when I started collecting comics with the Avengers that year, I vehemently swore that I would never ever in a million years see characters like the Vision and the Scarlet Witch on the big screen (or Green Arrow, the Flash, Firestorm, and the Atom on TV for that matter). It’s a great time to be a fan of superhero fare. The first Avengers film is in large part responsible for this era of superhero-y goodness, and Age of Ultron does not veer away from that momentum! In fact, it just hit the Turbo button.


Avengers: Age of Ultron was a high octane roller coaster thrill ride. Actually, it’s like the FIRST time you got on that ride. Cities as bombs, army of robots, cool scene chewing moments for every principle character, well…POW! BOOM! BANG! RAWR! PEW! PEW! It was like someone got into my brain and stole the imaginative stories I dreamt up playing with my action figures and drawings since way back in ole ’85! Only way way better!

Did I mention how fricking amazing it is to see Quicksilver, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch in a big budget blow’em up blockbuster?! Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, and Paul Bethany nailed it! More than likely with Thor‘s hammer! Welcome to the Avengers!


Also, James Spader manages to perfectly capture the Megalomaniacal essence of Ultron. Right down to the taunts and quips. Once again, back in the 1980’s I would not have en-Visioned that the a-hole from “Pretty in Pink” (James Spader) or the dipshit from “Weird Science” (Robert Downey Jr.) would both be headlining a second Avengers movie. I would have told you to lay off their cocaine, but here we are and it’s a reality!


Joss Whedon, thank you thank you thank you for making Hawkeye cool on screen…and introducing Wakanda…Ulysses Klaw…THE HULKBUSTER armour! WHAT?!? You Sir, rock!

Totally Awesome. Also, great to see cameos from some of the supporting heroes from the solo Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America films! This movie truly reinforces a single cohesive and shared Marvel Cinematic Universe!


You know, 1985, my inner 9 year old salutes you and is still flying high on the ultimate sugar rush of this movie. Now, If Namor, Hercules, and the Black Knight had shown up in this movie, than 1985 would have really represented! Well, there’s always the next movie! Lol. With Thanos being the over-arching big bad of the franchise, it’s not unrealistic to imagine characters like Starfox (Thanos’s far more handsome brother) in the slated third and fourth films. But I digress. Avengers: Age of Ultron is the longest Marvel movie thus far, but it doesn’t FEEL too long. It doesn’t have time to feel too long as the action is virtually non-stop! Oh, and rest assured Man of Steel the Devastation of Metropolis in your movie pales to the level of destruction in AAOU! I also like where the film leaves off, a nice nod to the nature of the revolving Avengers roster that was the staple of the title for decades. The very brief mid-credits epilogue sets up the next instalment of the franchise as well.


So…with Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange all having movies released prior to the third Avengers film in 2018, it may be a safe bet to imagine those characters joining the Avengers roster too. But if that happens, we might have a time paradox so big only the time lord Kang the Conquerer could fix it as 1985 me will probably explode with enthusiastic revelry!

I can only hope!!

Long story short: Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s awesome. Everyone should see it!



9 Year Old Me!


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