DC COMICS SUPER-FAN: HUNTRESS – Black Sheep of the Bat-Family


HUNTRESS (Images Property of DC Comics)
HUNTRESS (Images Property of DC Comics)

Created by: Joey Cavalieri and Joe Staton
First Appearance (as the Huntress): The Huntress #1 (April 1989)
Secret Identity: Helena Rosa Bertinelli
Team Affiliations: Birds of Prey, Batman Family, Justice League, Outsiders, Checkmate
Powers: Helena is a regular human with no superpowers. She is however, an extraordinary athlete with exceptional hand to hand combat skills and melee fighter. Helena was trained by Richard Dragon (the master of Kung Fu) for a short period. She is also a highly skilled expert in armed combat with the crossbow being her long range and the bow staff as her short range weapons of choice.

Helena Bertinelli is the daughter of a hardened mobster. She trained vigorously under the tutelage of some of the world’s greatest fighters, including Richard Dragon, and sought out vengeance for her family. She eventually, changed her focused and after being inspired by Batman, began using her skills for crime-fighting. She is sultry and seductive, calculating and precise, and no-nonsense. She’s often accused of being too violent against her adversaries and has been scolded by Batman on numerous occasions for her hostile methods. She has been linked in sexual relationships with Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Arsenal (Roy Harper), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and the over-the-moon-about-it parking lot attendant Josh.

Why She Should Be Showcased?

Huntress is kick-ass. She looks good, is super-sexy and is one tough cookie. She’s a great street-level crime-fighter and works well with the Bat-Family. Her abrasiveness and difficult attitude plays off well against other female characters with more kitty-cat like personalities.


HUNTRESS (Images Property of DC Comics)
HUNTRESS (Images Property of DC Comics)

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