Why 24 is One of My Favorite TV Shows of All Time!

24 - Jack Bauer
24 -Jack Bauer

24 was a dynamic, high concept, pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat show that worked. Each 24 episode season was comprised of an hour of one entire day in the life of counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. Terrorist plots, corrupt Government officials, and agendas of mad men were all deadly serious threats and matters of National Security. Plus, he had to make sure that his dim-witted and danger prone daughter didn’t get into too much trouble! Agent Jack Bauer was right in the thick of it all; and often at great personal cost as well (death of his wife, estrangement from his daughter, prisoner in a foreign land, heroin addict, and a man without a country). Week after week I would venture over to a friend’s house to experience the show as a collective. Watching the show as a group with friends made for a more enjoyable experience as everyone would cheer the hero on in a very animated fashion; and heavy postulations as to what would happen next occurred during every commerical break. The show’s principle star, Kiefer Sutherland, was already a reknowned veteran actor having starred in such fan favorite classic films as “Stand By Me“, “The Lost Boys“, “Flatliners” and countless others; but it is his work on 24 that will be his legacy. If James Bond is the quintessential British Superspy, then Jack Bauer is his far more badass American cousin.

Here’s a trailer for the final Eight Season:


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