As Television viewers we all have selective tastes as to what we want to watch, and what we become fans of. Palettes and tastes change from person to person. I was raised on TV, I love watching shows, and I love being a fan of programs. Some programs become legendary. They hold their place in the history of the medium, and generate fans long after the initial first run of the show. Here are two such examples that I discovered after the first run that not only do I love, but have also become timeless classics. One is a show from the 1970’s that still holds up with its raw slpastick comedy, the other is a 21st century remake of a far inferior show of the same name — but ensnares you until you have watched every single morsel minute!

Here Is: Odd Pairings: Two of TV’s Best! – THREE’S COMPANY and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA


Three's Company.jpg
Three’s Company

Number of Seasons: 8 (1977-1985)

Although incredibly dated with fashions and societal stances on homosexuality, inter-gendered and platonic non-familial living arrangements, and blatant sexism; Three’s Company is an immortal comedy. The dynamics of all the characters blends beautifully into a wonderful symphony of pratfalls, mistaken situations, and sexual tension. John Ritter is brilliant as the bumbling and womanizing chef Jack Tripper, who has to pretend to be gay in order to continue sharing an apartment with two females by convincing the cheap high strung landlord that no funny business is happening in the apartment! The writing is quite funny, even by today’s standards; and its clearly evident that the cast is having a good time bringing these characters to life.

Three's Company
Three’s Company


Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica

Number of Seasons: 4 (2004-2009)

The ultimate high concept space-themed series of the last of a race of humans traveling through the stars searching for the lost planet Earth and on the run from a race of cybernetic organisms (Cylons) of their own design looking to eradicated mankind.

It’s political. Often reflecting current hot topics in politics and governance and the rules of civilized society. It’s religious. Theorizing on theology and the significance of faith.

It’s philosophical. Debating the tenets of what it is to be human. Battlestar Galactica had a great ensemble cast, it had action, it had heart. I watched this series on Netflix long after it had originally aired on television. Many people have often talked about the show and told me how good it was. I had to see it for myself. Once I watched the very first pilot episode movie, I was hooked. What followed was an obsessive marathon viewing of the entire series. I couldn’t go a day without watching a slew of episodes. It’s just that damn good!


*Here’s a great fan made montage of this epic show:


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